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Most of us have doubt voices or saboteurs of some kind. Those voices that say things like, “You tried that once. It didn’t work. So why try it again?” “You never did have any willpower. Just give up now before you fail again.” Or my favorite, “You don’t deserve to be happy.” Those saboteurs can be challenged and managed. New supportive thinking or voices can be given stronger roles in you life. Those have also always been available to you. They only need your permission to become your comfort place. Having a coach who is there to listen and provide information based on your unique place is indeed life changing.

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It takes time to make life changes. A minimum contract of two hours per month for at least three months is highly recommended. Individual scheduling and contracts are available upon mutual agreement.


PathArrows Life Coaching is a Co-Active process. It is a gift of positive life change available to anyone seeking it.
Having someone listen and work with you (Co-Active) in a refreshing way is the heart of coaching. It holds the client and coach as equal partners in the coaching process.
PathArrows Life Coaching begins with the belief that you already have what you need to become what your heart is asking you to be. You are naturally resourceful, creative, and whole. You do not need to be told what to do to make that happen. You already have the answers you need.


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