My Path To Coaching

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My path to Life Coaching started with a smile.

My husband’s office/studio is in our home. I was home one afternoon when someone I had not met came to meet with him. When she was finished, she made a point of speaking to me. She was fun, beautiful, and I liked her. I asked my husband what she did for a living and he handed me her card. She is a Life Coach with an artistic focus. This was a relatively new process for me. I was fascinated by
the possibility of looking at life struggles in a different way. Maybe, this was someone who could help me find my purpose. Because, I hadn’t found it on my own.

Her website read:

“What if you really could get out of your own way?” and “What if you really could
let it go? “

After working with her for a few months, I began telling her my story. She quietly listened to the details of my painful life. She was listening to my perceptions of my painful life, not the morbid details that I thought were SO important.

Things like “I never deserved to celebrate life.” “I was not smart enough to succeed.” “I caused all my own pain.” “I Was destined to fail whatever I tried.”

Very clearly and without any judgement of my answer she asked, “Who told you all of that?” “Who said all those painful things to you?” And most profoundly “Do you have to believe them?”

Once I could process what she asked me, I answered “I did. I told myself these things.”

My coaching journey had come Alive. Now it is my deepest desire to bring the same opportunities to anyone who wishes to celebrate their own journey.